Glitter-Filled Eggs Prank

Happy April, and April Fool’s Day! How many of you crafters love spending hours in the craft room and hate the time it takes to clean up? How about all that glitter thats everywhere? Those tiny, sparkly specks of fun just get everywhere if you aren’t too careful! That’s why we thought it made for the perfect prank material for all your crafter friends!

Check out how to make these cute glitter-filled eggs that you can smash in joy for April fools day, a celebration, or simply for fun! Imagine the faces of your family and friends when you bring out a carton full of eggs and they experiences of burst of glitter and confetti rather than the anticipated gooey, runny eggs!

We love how you can even add some crunch by filling them with a colorful cereal! Who are you smashing an egg on today?


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