Getting Stylish and Creative with your Organizing Endeavors

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Oh my, this is a great one! I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the task of organizing my stuff. I love the process when I’m actually doing it, but I hate to get started at times which only exacerbates the problem.

I love organizing my scrapbooking and crafting supplies (over and over again), but I hate organizing paperwork and tax stuff and things like that.

I love getting creative with organizational methods and solutions, and (even more) I love repurposing an organizational item for a different organizational purpose. So have at it my friends, this post is chalk full of amazing ideas to better sort out all your supplies and accrued stuff, and offers a twist on how to apply the solution in the first place!

Huzzah, the stylish yet organizational coat rack:

Stylish coat rack organization

Paper towel turned ribbon spool holder:

Paper Towel ribbon spool holder

Vintage toolbox with tools it may have never seen before:

Vintage tool box spray ink holder

Upcycled coffee or soup can with adorable decoration:

Soup can and straws holder

Fabric covered hanging file holder:

Vertical File paper holder

Magnetic spice canisters and blackboard:

Magnetic blackboard spice jars

Out of sight closet storage:

Closet ribbon spool hanger

The Spinning Rack may wind up being your new best friend:

Clip It Up spinning rack

How it looks when done right:

Create your own creative space

Creative Space of your own

LOADS MORE genius solutions and explanations available at the original source:

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