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10 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Scrapbook Layouts

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we knew we just had to share some beautiful scrapbooking inspiration. While some people may not agree with the so-called “commercialization” of Valentine’s Day, we at really enjoy it! The appeal of Valentine’s day is the spirit of love and celebration of relationships, and we believe the following 10 beautiful Valentine’s Day scrapbook layouts are the perfect portrayal of this holiday!

1. We love the mixed media look of this layout. The juxtaposition of the pink and beige/grey colors really draw you in.

Valentines Day Scrapbook Layout 1

2. Love the clean chaos of this page! All of the elements are concentrated inside the heart, but the white space makes it look beautifully simplistic.

Valentines Day Scrapbook Layout

3.  How cute is this page featuring these beautiful sisters? 

Valentines Scrapbook Layout 3

4. The heart gradient is so adorable! Great idea.

Valentines Day Scrapbook Layout 4

5. Simple, yet delicately delightful!

Valentines Day Scrapbook Layout 5


6. Love the vintage look of this layout, by one of our vendors’ designers!



7. Love doesn’t have to be between two people! Love can also be unconditional between a human and an animal. This layout is gorgeous and vintage, which we love.

Valentines Day Scrapbook Layout 7

8. Simple, yet elegant. Love the hexagons!

Valentines Day Scrapbook Layout 8

9. How adorable!! Love this!

Valentines Day Scrapbook Layout 9

10. Love the patterns on this page!

Valentines Day Scrapbook Layout 10

We hope you enjoyed this collection of Valentine’s Day scrapbook layouts! Even if you are not a fan of Valentine’s Day, you can still use these scrapbook layouts as inspiration for your next scrapbook project.

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The Scrapbooking Store Team

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