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The Best Gifts for the Organized Crafter | Holiday Gift Guide

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We all love and adore fellow crafters in our life. Do you have a crafter friend who is extremely organized and can’t get enough of trips to the Container Store? Or maybe you see your friend constantly perusing Pinterest for organizing ideas? We all know that sometimes crafters need a little extra help when it comes to organizing those craft goodies. If you’re lost as to what to get your fellow crafter, we’ve put together some of the best gifts for the craft organizers in your life. Your loved crafter will thank you with the best handmade card ever!

  1. Craft Storage Cart & Organizer
    This is the ideal storage and organizing cart for any crafter. It has semi-transparent drawers for easy locating and can even function as additional workspace!

2. Spinning Desk Organizer with Dividers

These desk organizers are perfect to have all over the craft room. They easily serve as space where small craft items can be organized and quick needs like rulers, scissors or adhesives can be organized.

3. Keurig Stand
Could there be a more perfect way to store your paints? Order this perfect carousel stand and give it a quick spray of your favorite metallic paint.

4. Multiple Pant Hangers
No more loose spools of ribbon and twine. It’s perfect.

5. Washi Tape Stand
How cute is this stand? We love how you can stack up so many washi tapes here.

6. Ikea Kalux Shelving
Ikea shelving is so perfect for organizing and we love this setup! Check out more details here on how you can create this look in your craft room or crafty friends.

7. Mini Ink Tray
These are the PERFECT trays to hold and organize all mini ink pads. What’s even better is that you can easily stack them as you’d like and maximize your drawer space.

8. Smart Ultimate Craft Caddy
This is a crafter’s dream organizational caddy! Reviews state that it the best investment for all it’s storage capacity and durability. A perfect place to stow away all your craft tools and supplies. It takes our breath away.

9. Arts & Craft Storage Drawers
For all the small craft supplies and knick-knacks. Do we need to say more?

10. Craft Center Organizer

This is a craft room dream. It’s basically the command center for all craft organizing and can make for the perfect crafter’s gift.

Well, there you have it! You know have a list of the top most loved, desired and used gifts for craft organizing.

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