Better Organize Your Craft Room With These Easy Tips

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I’m always getting asked for ideas to better organize a craft room… so here’s a few easy ones to get started with.

Repurposed cans for smaller storage

Get familiar with the notion of repurposing things. For instance mason jars, shoe racks, and fruit/vegetable cans are perfect for smaller storage needs.


Scissors hung on a magnetic strip

Metal objects often get strewn across the desk like scissors and holepunches, so hang a magnetic strip on the wall and use it to place the utensils there!


Yarn in collapsible wooden rack

Those collapsible wooden racks are great for yarn, in lieu of wine 🙂


Large Picture Frame wasi tape holder

Large picture frames can be easily altered to make the ultimate ribbon, string and washi tape dispenser.


Check out the original source here for a few more gems worth trying out:

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