How to Create a DIY Secretary Box Using March’s Kit!

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Scrapbook paper is used in so many different ways, beyond scrapbooking layouts, and this project shows you how to creatively turn that scrapbook paper into more! Ginger, from My Sisters Scrapper, brings us a beautiful DIY secretary box project using the colorful March Kit scrapbook papers.

First of all, Ginger is using the bold and colorful March Kit with a color theme focused on orange, soft aqua, whites, and black. All materials (excluding the black card stock) are directly from the March 2017’s monthly scrapbooking kit. (Want to learn more about our monthly scrapbooking subscription? It’s easy to sign up, just head to our website to get started!)

Furthermore, believe it or not, Ginger creates this scrapbook paper project using select papers from the March kit and is still leftover with stickers and more paper!

Also, we love that this scrapbook paper project is full of fun little notecard elements and pieces that help keep daily tasks or events in one place. Just imagine a crafty, beautiful way to stay on top of your to-do list and be organized! She creatively turns the March Kit into a helpful scrapbook paper project which we can’t stop admiring.

Details March Kit Scrapbooking Paper Project
This beautiful, practical secretary box is perfect for anyone’s work desk or home office. It is a creative and thoughtful gift for someone or a new way to redecorate your workspace.  Ginger really transforms the scrapbooking kit full of 12×12 paper and stickers into an amazing scrapbook paper project. We adore it!

Check out the full details on the project here.

Scrapbook Paper Project
We hope this project inspires you to go beyond scrapbooking layouts and create more with scrapbooking paper! If you like this idea you can find more by “Liking” our Facebook page. Also, be sure to check out our Instagram and Pinterest pages. Keep crafting!

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