Some Text Messages Are Certainly Scrapbook-worthy, But How?

Posted On September 10, 2015 at 7:20 am by / No Comments

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This idea I’m about to share with you is atop my list of favorite new things I learned this year about scrapbooking. I definitely can’t take the credit for it, but I CAN pay it forward and pass it along to you all!

We all know how much our kids and grandchildren have become enamored and consumed by their smartphones and tablets these days. They never pickup the phone but they will respond to a text? What! Considering how much of our current lines of communication are literally inside those smartphones – specifically by way of Text Messages – wouldn’t it be nice if you could include some of the special ones in your scrapbooking ventures? Well now you can!! Simply take a snapshot of the screen (remember, it’s a SMART phone) and then print those pics and voila!

I just love this idea so much!! More great tips and walk-thru’s in the link below…

Text Me

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