The Creative Process Can Be a Journey

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Whether you’re a beginner or a crafty ol’ veteran, the creative process is always a journey – and each time it looks different. Even if you’ve been scrapbooking or crafting for years, its not like every time a polished idea just comes to you in an instant and the finished product winds up looking exactly like it initially did in your head.

Youre Amazing sketch

That’s an aspect I really appreciated about this 2-page layout highlighted below. The scrapper got her hands on the great sketch above and knew it right away, but really she had no vision to pair up with it at first. It wasn’t until she chose the paper collection she wanted to use, and then the rest all fell into place.

Youre Amazing -girl layout

Youre Amazing -girl top

Look how great it turned out! And, she had so much fun with the first one that she went ahead and created another with the same design.

Youre Amazing -boy layout

Youre Amazing -boy bottom

Check out the original source for a glimpse into the mind of this scrapper during her creative process:

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