Washi Feather Embellishments DIY

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How many of you just love embellishments? It doesn’t matter how many, what color, what size, there’s always room for more. Now, how many of you love washi tape more? So do we, but let’s be honest, it’s a close tie.

We wanted to bring both of our favorite craft materials together as one. Many of you already have lots of techniques and tricks to creating your own embellishments and enhancing your layouts with washi tape but this might be something you haven’t seen yet.

Bloggers Donna, from Three umbrellas and Vicky, from Miss Vicky Viola both display some quick easy steps to creating unique and fun washi tape feathers.  Donna’s technique takes into the use of cardstock and washi tape layer to create beautiful, colorfully patterned feathers that are structured and can be shaped to one’s liking.  How beautiful is this Thank You card that she had created?IMG_4849

Vicky’s technique includes the use of a selected washi tape to be used with string or wire to create a more authentic, textured feather.  This really gives the embellishment a soft finish that is also easily moldable due to the use of string/wire. diy-paper-feathers-washi-tape-tutorial-mt-gift-wrapping-ideas

We love the creativity of both techniques and feel like it’s a staple embellishment for spring and summer projects to come.  Feathers are such a fun touch to any layout or card and can be used it many different ways. What will you create?

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