What to Put in a Baby Scrapbook: Some Top Creative Ideas
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What to Put in a Baby Scrapbook: Some Top Creative Ideas

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What to Put in a Baby Scrapbook: Some Top Creative Ideas

As important as it is to decorate your baby’s nursery as well as shopping for new clothes, it is equally important to make a scrapbook for him or her. This is a great project that most new mothers look forward to, but often, they get confused about what to put in a baby scrapbook. While you can take countless video recordings and pictures of your little one, a scrapbook is meant for those extra-important tidbits.

Since children grow up so quickly, especially in the first year, it is important that you have all the keepsakes and guard all the cherished memories that you will want to revisit throughout your life. As such, we will be sharing some top ideas of what you should include in your baby’s scrapbook.

What to Put in a Baby Scrapbook?

You would think that the things that you would put in a baby scrapbook will be those from only after birth. However, it starts a little before that. Let’s discuss some of these options below.

1. Pregnancy Pages

Here the ideas are just endless. You can stick copies of the ultrasound pictures, some top pregnancy facts you found while researching, some journal entries of how you were feeling during the pregnancy, those intense food cravings you had, a list of all the names you had chosen, a personal note to your unborn child, and so on. Another cool idea is to have stickers matching the “fruit or vegetable” size for each week of pregnancy. For example, did you know the baby is the size of a pomegranate at 17 weeks?

source: www.pinterest.com/pin/315955730088297665

2. Mementos from Your Baby Shower

All the souvenirs from the baby shower are also an excellent idea to put in your scrapbook. You can use the cut-outs from the cards, gift bags, wrapping paper, and cake bunting. You could make a pocket in the scrapbook to store all the sweet baby shower cards you received from your loved ones as well.

3. Current Events

While this may not really sound like the most exciting thing, you could include some significant events that took place around or on your baby’s birth. You could include clippings from the newspaper, recent memorable occasions, or even take some random everyday pictures from your life. You could also include cost-of-living indicators during that time period. It’s always fun to look back on those facts and see how much a movie ticket or a cup of coffee (or Starbucks Latte) cost!

source: www.caseyvphotography.com/blog/personal/sneak-a-peek-colins-baby-book

4. Letters

You and your partner should also write letters to your unborn baby and include it in your scrapbook. These letters could be anything you wish or goals. If you have older children, make them write a letter or draw something for their new sibling. You can also include letters from your baby’s grandparents, your siblings, or any other loved ones.

source: www.pinterest.com/pin/145030050470461700

5. Location

There could be a geographical location that holds a lot of meaning to you. You could tag that location on Google maps and have it printed out to stick it in your scrapbook. Also, include memorable pictures from that location, particularly if that’s where you conceived!

6. Important First Memories

The firsts are always the most memorable, so it is essential that you include as many of them in your scrapbook. For instance, you would want to add pictures of your baby’s first smile, first word, first tooth, first step, first holiday, and many other firsts. Also, save the first drawing your baby ever makes for you!

Pro tip- they’ll be a LOT of artwork from your little one throughout the years. So rather than keep all the masterpieces, why not take photos with your phone and then have them printed out for your Scrapbook?!

7. Footprints and Handprints

No baby scrapbook is complete without your baby’s footprints and handprints. We are certain that there is nothing cuter than your baby’s tiny toes and fingers. You can take his or her footprints and handprints by using bright colored paints that are non-toxic. Alternatively, you could also make a copy of his or her footprints and handprints that are taken by the hospital at birth.

source: www.pinterest.com/pin/84864774202637832

8. A Lock of Hair

You could save a small lock of hair when your baby has his or her first haircut. Tie it up with a cute ribbon and place it in a ziplock bag. Also, be sure to take pictures of his or her first haircut to include alongside the ziplock bag. Be sure to do this a few times a year as it’s an interesting way to see how much your child’s hair changes over time.

source: www.pinterest.com/pin/AZ3S8qgdbcIq4AhLTChtjLBDKpqEmLaxY1VSCdLhG3Uqc4ETxsX6atY

9. Baby Items

To add objects for texture in the scrapbook, you can add things such as newborn clothes, baby socks, and a small piece of his or her favorite blanket.

source: www.pinterest.com/pin/548735535844626079

10. Keepsakes from their Birth

As a parent, you will never forget the day you gave birth to your child. So, set a page aside in the scrapbook solely dedicated to the day your little one was born. On this page, you can include all newborn keepsakes such as the hospital ID bracelet and the birth certificate. If you want to, you can also get a picture with your doctor and nurses who delivered your baby and stick it in your scrapbook.

source: www.scrapbook.com/gallery/image/layout/4134405.html

11. Vintage Pictures

A good scrapbook involves a family tree. You could take this a step above by including vintage pictures of your parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents if you have them.

source: www.pinterest.com/pin/695735842412183628

12. Your Favorite Memories

Sometimes there are some random things that your baby does that are incredibly adorable but can also be easy to forget. These could include the first time he or she tried to hold your finger, or pull your hair, or even how he or she sleeps- stomach down, butt up. Take as many pictures as you can of your baby and stick these cute and special moments in the scrapbook. You’ll surely appreciate it later!

13. Your Baby’s Favorite

Every baby is fond of something, like a toy, some keys, some colorful objects, or even some songs that make him smile. Take pictures of his favorite things and write down lyrics from her favorite songs to include in the scrapbook.

source: www.scrapbook.com/gallery/image/digital/3586169.html

14. Pictures of the Nursery

You spent countless hours and put SO MUCH effort into your child’s nursery. It only makes sense to include pictures of your masterpiece to remember this special time and all your hard work!

source: www.pinterest.com/pin/261208847120226197

15. Twenty Questions

At the very end of the scrapbook, write down a list of 20 questions for your child each year. These could include her favorite song, favorite food, his best friend, and so on. You and your child will have so much fun reflecting on how these answers evolve over the years.

Knowing what to put in a baby scrapbook is essential as it will bring a smile to your face every single time you see it even years and years later. Be sure to include as many tiny details as you can from the many ideas we have described. The more memories and keepsakes, the better! Best of luck!




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