10 Spooky Halloween Scrapbook Layouts 2017

October is one of the best months for creating colorful and deviously spooky scrapbook layouts! Halloween is one time of the year where ghouls, witches, goblins, trolls, and many more scary creatures can roam free, which makes for some great photo opportunities. We wanted to present you all with several fabulous October scrapbook layout ideas which are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

We scoured the internet (and admittedly, Pinterest) for some of our favorite October themed halloween scrapbook layouts, and we think you’ll really enjoy them. Current members of our scrapbook kit club, use these layouts as inspiration when creating your own scrapbook or cards from our October 2017 scrapbook kit of the month!

1. This layout uses a mixture of colors that are not typical of halloween but we love what this designer did in choosing these unique colors. 

1 October Scrapbook Layout idea
2. Love the vintage aspect of this layout! The distressed background adds a mysterious and creepy factor to the layout. 

2 October Scrapbook Layout idea
3. Orange orange everywhere! This layout captures the essence of Halloween using the typical orange and black combination. 

3 October Scrapbook Layout idea

4.  There are so many things to like about this layout. The purple/green combination and the raised SPOOKY lettering are 2 just to name a few. 

4 October Scrapbook Layout idea

5. The plaid background adds so much to this layout, and the lettering is so fun!

5 October Scrapbook Layout idea

6. The “wind” elements are so creative, we love this layout for that reason alone!

6 October Scrapbook Layout idea

7. BOO! The ghost on this page is too cute.

7 October Scrapbook Layout idea

8. It goes without saying but this layout is so well done. We love the black cutouts of the tree, spider, and spiderweb. 

8 October Scrapbook Layout idea

9. This layout is definitely more feminine, but it’s absolutely perfect for the little witches in your life!

9 October Scrapbook Layout idea

10. Finally, this layout is an original created by our very own scrapbookingstore.com designer! This page was made using papers and embellishments from our October 2017 scrapbook kit. If you’d like to become a member, subscribe at https://scrapbookingstore.com.

11 October Scrapbook Layout idea

We hope these 10 layouts provide great inspiration for your next scrapbook layout using our October scrapbook kit! If you are celebrating halloween this year with your little ones or family, commemorate these precious memories using this spooky inspiration!

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The Scrapbooking Store Team

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