Create a Beautiful Craft Room: The Ivy Cottage

Posted On May 12, 2015 at 6:14 pm by / 7 Comments

The best way to show off a beautiful craft room is with photos. Amanda at The Ivy Cottage Blog took a standard two-car garage and turned it into a very nice craft room.

craft room before

craft room complete

craft room complete2

craft room complete3

craft room complete4

craft room complete5

Amanda is a wife, mother and avid crafter who put in a lot of time to complete this conversion. It helps that she has a great eye for design through her wedding decor business but we believe that many of our readers can do the same! It just takes having the space, time and creative motivation.

Be sure to send us photos of your transformation if you have a nice craft room.

  • WOW and Beautiful….I live in Arizona….can You make a trip out here to do my room. I Love your room!

  • Love your craft room! In the process of creating my own little creative, crafty space. I’ve painted the room and purchased a craft table. Now looking for storage pieces. Didn’t know I had so much stuff until I unpacked it all! Wish me luck! Any suggestions for storage pieces?

  • I like your craft room. I have so much stuff I’m having trouble organizing it all. I keep rearranging and then rearrange it some more. I have even donated some of my stash and not done yet.

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