DIY Elegant Gold Foil Embellishment

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Earlier this week we mentioned the number of birthdays in August & September. Today, we show you how to create a gold foil embellishment technique for gifts or layouts.

First of all, this inspiration comes from Blogger Lia Griffith and it immediately catches our attention. The metallic colors are beautiful next to the gold feathers and ribbon. The feathers are made from either newspaper print papers or metallic paper. Most of all, we just love the black and white newspaper print paper because it provides a rustic, personal look. The balance in color, papers, and even patterns beautifully brings the gift together.

The newspaper print, satin ribbon and a few metallic feathers enhances the gift and gives it a personal yet elegant look. In addition, using patterns or solid metallic papers and card stock with the newspaper print paper are very unique. Rather then using similar mediums and colors, get this look on your next layout by including newspaper print paper, metallic color, and the gold- foil look on cutouts.

Almost everything is unique and complimenting here. Another inspiration to create beautiful, gold foil embellishments. The look is simple is make. Create a feather by drawing, cut and crease in the middle consequently creating dimension and depth. Furthermore, the original blogger of this Lia Griffith, uses a gold leaf pen to create a gold foil look. This technique is useful for any shapes and patterns so we just love it.

Finally, use it for gifting tags or for the perfect glitz in your next layout. The use of the gold foil technique, deep metallic color and ribbons become a gorgeous look.

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