Pinterest Inspired Geometric DIY Art

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We absolutely love perusing Pinterest. Who doesn’t love browsing for endless crafting ideas and eventually actually trying one out?

Last week, we had posted an easy DIY block letter washi tape canvas project that was inspired by a Dallas blogger. A few days later, we actually went ahead and tried this out and it turned out absolutely beautiful! See below:

Washi Tape Art
Of course, there are those hilarious images we often see of Pinterest fails, but some people are easily able to turn around those Pinterest fails into gold!

Take this blogger, Julie from Sum of Their Stories, who turned her Pinterest mishap into a beautiful piece of art.

Here are the materials she used during her project:

  • Already Painted Canvas
  • Gold spray paint
  • Second spray paint color, cream/silver/ as desired (if needed)
  • Painter’s tape

Ideally, the steps are as follows:

  1. Paint over the previous artwork on canvas
  2. Arrange painter’s tape in desired design
  3. Spray paint over paint on canvas with a metallic spray to create the geometric design
  4. Let dry

She admits she was inspired by the many DIY geometric art projects on Pinterest and wanted to try it out for herself! However, instead of arranging the tape in the negative space, she inversed the design.

Geometric DIY Art Start to Paint
However, she saved the painting by using an air disappearing pen, drawing in the lines and filling it in with white paint. In our opinion, you can’t even tell the difference!

Finished DIY Geometric Art
In the end, she created a gorgeous piece of artwork that would look fabulous in any home. We can’t wait to try this out for ourselves!

Be sure to check out the original source for full details & instructions:

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