Tutorials: Handmade Roses, Daffodils, Calla Lily’s, Oh My!

Posted On November 16, 2015 at 6:49 am by / 1 Comment

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Flower tutorials are amongst my favorite tutorials because my preference will always be a handmade flower over the store-bought kind. I recently found this awesome article with tutorials on a whole variety of flowers you can make using crepe paper (or tissue paper, depending on where you live). They’re all super easy to replicate but you’d never know based on the final result.

Crepe paper rosesCrepe paper rose tutorial

And there’s more where that came from…

Crepe paper daffodil Crepe paper flowers

Check out the original source here for the easy peasy instructions to start crafting all these beauties right now: http://hubpages.com/art/how-to-make-crepe-paper-flowers#

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