Therapeutic Coloring Bookmark

Have you all heard of the adult color books out on the market recently? First of all who didn’t love to color as a child? Now these adult color books are made with the intention to help you feel more calm and peaceful. So you can find this fun therapeutic coloring bookmark project on DawnRead more

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day is just a few days away. Show your appreciation for the special guy in your life with these crafty father’s day gift ideas. 1. Make a DIY silhouette picture frame This craft creation idea is simple yet creative! This silhouette picture frame idea will make a great addition to any dad’s office. AllRead more

Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

School’s practically out which means the kids are home and getting to spend some quality time with you. We’ve brought you a fun art inspiration from crafter & blogger Linda, of, that you can do with on your own or with the kids this summer. This wall art can be used in many differentRead more

Washi Tape Message Frame

Today’s inspiration is quick, easy and less than a few dollars! This project comes from Blogger Jamielyn of  Her project is so cute, affordable, and practical you or someone you may want to gift, will be sure to love it. This project will take you no time at all. We love how simple andRead more

Design an Easy Layout with Twine

Today we’ve brought some fun, creative inspiration for you layout from Designer and Blogger, Robyn Schaub. She loves crafting and designing layouts that are creative and quick! Check out this inspiration of floral, feminine design and diamond cutouts!   This layout uses paper and embellishment from one specific Scrapbook kit collection. We really love theRead more

Adorable and Easy DIY Phone Stand

Summer time is just around the corner, and in light of this, here’s a fun, easy, colorful, and practical craft that you can easily create. Do you ever sit at your desk and wish your phone was upright so you could see your notifications at a single glance? We came across this adorably cute phone holder while perusingRead more

Washi Feather Embellishments DIY

How many of you just love embellishments? It doesn’t matter how many, what color, what size, there’s always room for more. Now, how many of you love washi tape more? So do we, but let’s be honest, it’s a close tie. We wanted to bring both of our favorite craft materials together as one. ManyRead more

Glitter-Filled Eggs Prank

Happy April, and April Fool’s Day! How many of you crafters love spending hours in the craft room and hate the time it takes to clean up? How about all that glitter thats everywhere? Those tiny, sparkly specks of fun just get everywhere if you aren’t too careful! That’s why we thought it made forRead more

DIY Marbling for Paper

Have you ever wanted to design you own paper for crafts & scrapbooking? Has there been a time when you needed something to have a little more red or touch of blue to really go with your layout? Now you can! Marble your own paper! The Erica, the Executive Editor of HonestlyWTF, outlines the stepsRead more

Spring Cleaning & Sweet Washi Tape Cupcake

Believe it or not, Spring is here! Personally, Spring means a little organizing here, a bit of cleaning there and more time for crafting with the longer days. I absolutely love this inspiration. This project highlights all the those perfect things about Spring and is so fun to create! The number of bright colored buttons,Read more